Stories and Organizational DNA a.k.a. Overthinking Lent

                Last month, readers skimmed a reminder from Tod Bolsinger’s book, Canoeing in The Mountains. You can find that reminder linked here. Among teaching about leadership in uncertain times, Bolsinger discusses a group’s organizational DNA. What the professor is referring to are the traits, markers, and attitudes inherent to a group. Whenever any group, especially congregations, are faced with adaptive challenges, the group’s adaptations must be rooted in its organizational DNA.

                One of my goals during Lent is to help us better understand our organizational DNA. When someone is in a congregation for long enough, that organizational DNA can be difficult to discern. One way a person can notice the DNA is to tell the stories of the congregation. On Wednesdays, we will hear some of those stories. I believe our organizational DNA is simply and wonderfully how the Holy Spirit has formed us. I am eager to discover what lays ahead for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. We all can understand it better when we reflect on where we have been and who God has made us to be.