Starting a Book

It’s time to crack open Luther the Reformer. There’s something delightful opening up a new book. Yes, many have read this book before, but not me. A new world is ready to be explored in its pages. This world, the life of Luther, is one with which I am quite familiar. Luther’s life and works were integrated into much of my seminary coursework. We heard stories of his work, family life, and his relationship to God. This time around, I get to hear the story from beginning to end, and told by someone whom I have not heard before. What will the author, James Kittelson, show me that I have not before seen? Will he tell me something I have never heard? I am excited to step into this book.

Nathaniel and I will start with the first part of the book, which cover’s Luther’s early life. It’s a period which receives little attention. Nobody spends much time covering Luther’s parents or his family’s work in the mining industry. If I hear anything new, it will be in this first part.

Recording will will start this June, technology and time permitting.

-Pastor Josh